My way

...the question I asked astonished me myself by its straightness (it, probably happened after his encouraging smile and first words), “Please, tell me why it happens such way that in all my spiritual practices (I endeavoured quite a few of them) at first steps I felt strong enthusiasm, but with time it all as if abated; no inner strength left, and I again set off in search of something new.” “It goes so,while you are still searching. When you have found, it will cease.” The answer was short and clear.

How I found my teacher

...the Teacher literally flooded me with his love. His first words addressed to me and his sight caused in me the mixture of feelings. – tears of joy, great anguish of God and at the same time a kind of releasing inner laugh. I do not know how it happened, but my stiff crystallized thoughts and feelings, which created in me impenetrable bars, began gradually melting in the light of his love.

The story of Yurate Varnetskene

A new life started from that day. My gloominess ceased. I understood that I got out from that hole – everything started moving forward. The main task was to learn to live in concord with myself, with children and all people around.

The story of Oleg Nikolaev

>...If to cast glance back to my life, it will become clear that all the events so or other led by twisting ways though, but unavoidably to this main meeting of my life. Sincere search always brings the result; it does not matter whether it occurs on karma law or by Divine mercy – the result always surpasses all expectations, as if the fairy tales begin coming true: the tales you loved so much in your remote childhood and which you forgot when became adult and “serious.”

The story of Yurate Vorob’yova

...Anyway, a man must believe in something! So, when a hardship came and the belief in God was absent, I started my search for help from fortune tellers and esoterism, I hoped that they would gladden me and tell that all the bad wouldl soon finish and better times would come. What advice and stories have I not heard! Should I follow those advices, I do not think I would be able to write now of my turning points.

The story of Yurga Bayoryunene

...I “knew” very well that Spiritual Teachers are old bearded sages. It appeared – not for certain. I also “knew” that one must long search for him, wander over faraway countries, to overpass the mountains and to cross the deserts. And the farther the countries, the higher the mountains, the more (one should think) hope that the Teacher will be “much more authentic”… It turns out – NOT!

The story of Alexander Blinnikov

To tell about the Teacher is a very complex task. And I can only tell about the events occurred to me before and after meeting with Guru Ji.

I would like to share my experience on what amazing possibilities we can have so that to find the way out practically from every situation in which we may find ourselves moving in our life. Most people (and I do as well) do not think over the main – about the purpose of life “…till after the horse is stolen.”

Eduard Filimonov about the Teacher

Much is told and retold, but is not worth the single word of yours.