Shri Prakash Ji conducts traditional Indian prayer of yagya

Shri Prakash Ji conducts traditional Indian prayer of yagya

June 20 yagya, the ancient Vedic prayer, will be held in the Moscow suburbs.

India is a country rich in its customs and traditions, many of which have been preserved since ancient times. Most of these traditions are closely related to the spiritual culture of the people. Perhaps that is why India is so attractive - people from all over the world are rushing there in search of truth, the meaning of life, and peace of mind.

One of the spiritual traditions of India is yagya. In Russia the event related to this tradition is often called Agni Puja or Prayer by the fire.

The conduction of yagya is mentioned even in the earliest scriptures of Hinduism. Yagyas were conducted by the heroes of Mahabharata and Ramayana. Various events related to the ritual of yagya are described in the Puranas and other sacred books.

The ancient tradition of yagya ceremony occupies an important place among the customs of modern India as well. No significant event in one's live goes without the ceremony of yagya or havana. Yagyas are conducted to achieve success in an important matter, as well as on the occasion of a wedding, the birth of a child, etc.

We are glad to mention that in Russia you can get acquainted with this tradition, and even become its participant. Yagya is held annually in the Moscow region, in Odintsovo district. Every year people come here to take part in this Vedic ceremony, participants come not only from various parts of Russia, but also from other countries: Lithuania, the Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Germany and Great Britain. Yagya, which is conducted here by the Spiritual Master Sri Prakash Ji, is organized according to all the rules of Vedic culture, and has been held in the ashram for more than 15 years.

The purpose of the yagya is the following: spiritual improvement, the development of mutual understanding and mutual respect between people, the maintenance of peace on the Earth.

This year yagya will be held on June 20, on the eve of the International Yoga Day, a holiday that unites people of different countries and nationalities by sharing the ideas of a healthy lifestyle, development and self-knowledge. Organizers of yagya consider, that one of the main tasks of this event is to support and promote the further spread of this holiday.