Karma: past, present, and future

interview with the Spiritual Master Shri Prakash Ji, 2017

Shri Prakash Ji. Interview, 2017

A human body doesn't last forever. A man receives it at birth and leaves it when he dies. But the force that animates this body had existed long before his birth and will exist after his death. Current life of a man is not the first and not the last life for him. It never happens that a person is born now, but will never be born again. A person will be born, will leave this world, then again he will come to this earth.

- Guruji, tell me, why does a man have to be born again and again? Why do we accept our mortal bodies?

This Universe is governed by the law of karma. According to this law, each soul receives what it had created by itself, with its thoughts, words, and actions. When a person is born, during his whole life he will work out his karma, both good and bad. And at the same time he will create a new one. He will be born again, work out his karma and create a new one. And so it will be for thousands and thousands of lives. From the beginning of kalpa, a person is born and dies, and so on and on.

A man needs to be freed from this. To come to this earth, to work out his karma and to try not to create a new one. To reache a higher level with each life he lives. And to become more and more liberated from karma. Then, some day a man will completely unite with the power of God and will be born no more. Even if he comes again to the earth, he comes for his own goal. When this goal will be achieved, he will go away, and again he will be united with Him.

- You mean, that our life is already determined even before our birth by our past actions and desires?

Every new birth is a continuation of what had been happening before. When a baby is born, people say: "Oh, now is the beginning of his life!" But it is not a beginning, in fact, it is a continuation, this baby simply has a new body, new "clothes". And the whole fate of the child has already been determined: by where had he stopped in his previous life, with what wishes, in what condition, from that he goes on. Whether you like it or not, you need to be reborn according to your karma. Before one's birth, no one knows who his parents will be. This is also determined by karma, by attachments you used to have before, both to people and feelings itselves. When a person leaves us, he recalls his strongest attachments before he dies, and with the same attachments he is reborn. But after a new birth, his memory of everything about it is closed.

Have a look at this common situation: one person asks others for help or something else, all day long, but he never receives anything. The other does not ask for anything, but still he gets all the riches of the world. That's how it happens on the earth. What does it mean in fact? All people have two arms, two legs, their bodies are all the same. But their karma is different. He who receives, had given a lot to humanity, to people from whom he receives now. He had done a lot in his past life. And the one who asks now, but does not receive, had never done anything for others. This is the rule of karma, this law will always work. And it also works with one's health, as well as with his family, children, parents, relatives, and friends. You get everything you had created before.

- Is everything so strictly predetermined and nothing can be changed?

Karma can be purified. Everyone can try to do it. For this you need to work on yourself spiritually. I.e., 100% of your life is predetermined, but if you make such an effort, up to 40% of your fate can change. But it's too difficult to change more than that. You will be surprised to hear it, but it is already predetermined what road you will go after this conversation. When you walk out of here, your mind will be made in such a way, that you will go where your destiny wants you to go.

When I say «up to 40%», I don't meant it's just a little change! Even if a person cleans 2-5%, this will be a great cleansing of karma. But there are things that you can not change: parents who gave birth to you, their character, circumstances of your life. But you can change what will happen in your future, For example, your fate is to get a bronze medal, but if you make efforts, you can get even a gold one. If you have poor health from birth, you can improve it. People also get bad or good health depending on their past. But when you will have a necessary treatment, when you keep a needed diet, to do some physical exercises, you can clean this karma and make your health stronger.

To understand what can be changed, you need to cleanse yourself internally, to make your connection with God, with your Isht, stronger. Then He will be like a lantern on your way. When it becomes dark, He will shine, and you will be able to see where to go and what to do.

- So, it's pointless to worry, since everything had already been predetermined?

Yes, you're right, you do not need to worry about the future. The future is not in our hands. It is necessary to live well now. That's what is in our hands. Completely in our hands. Today, now, do well what you should. The time that is now is the most important time. In this very second you need to live well. What will happen in half an hour, you can not know, the future is not what we can control. What was half an hour ago is already past. It will never happen again, it's already gone. What is happening now in five minutes, too, will be past.

What is the biggest mistake a man makes? Instead of living now and enjoying what is present, he's immersed into his past or worries about the future. But you can not do anything with the past. The past is no longer here, it's gone, and if a person worries about the past, he only spoils his future. And the future will be good, if now, in the present, you do right things. No need to worry about the future, we just need to make right decisions now.

- Many people worry about the past. How to deal with this?

What does spirituality teach us? That every second, every moment of your life you should live peacefully and joyfully. If you worry about the past, then you are in a restless state of mind, and all the good that you could receive now by your karma, you make bad, you spoil everything. You'd better concentrate on your present thoughts, words, and actions, so that in the future it would be better for you.

You need to learn on your past. If you do not worry about it, but think about it, then you'll have a great benefit. For example: "Yesterday I touched fire with my hand, it hurt me a lot, my hand burned, I will not repeat it again." If there was some mistake in the past, then learn from this, so in the future you won't repeat this mistake. If there was someone else's fault, forgive it, let it go. It will be bad for you to stay offended. Leave it all in the past.

- Is it possible to completely free yourself from karma?

How can one get rid of his karma? Thoughts are karma (sanskrit «action») as they give their result. Words also give its result. And the strongest result gives an action. You can be freed of karma if you free your mind. Before words or actions take place, there's always a thought. Therefore, when you are freed from thoughts, you will not create karma anymore. It is good, if you can get rid of all karmas, but it is not easy. First, you need to get free from negarive at least. Then, from positive, too. This is the main goal of any man, when he comes to the earth, to be freed from all his attachments.

- Based on all said above, can we conclude, that we create our own destiny by ourselves?

Many people say, and I also say: "God had written everything for us." But the truth is that we ourselves have written our fates in the past. Karma that we had created is what we receive now. And then we will also receive what we are creating now. Such a law exists in this Universe. And it is also in our own hands to cleanse everything that we had created previously.

If one student studies every day, makes all the homework tasks, and then gets his As on exams, while another does not study at all and then gets his Fs, is it God to blame? The second student can decide to start studying. Then there will be changes in his life. But for this he needs to try and so something, not just sit still and ask God for an A.

- And what about the general situation in the world? Is it also karma? Is it possible to change it for the better?

People are now spiritually sleeping. Most of them. If we were spiritually awakened, there would not be such a situation in the world. It is necessary that people spiritually awake. It would be good, if in this world all politicians were spiritual persons, if they thought about well-being of their people. Spirituality is needed in all the areas of life. If spirituality is revived, it will be helpful for the whole world.

- And, in conclusion, what would you like to wish to those who will read this interview?

For spirituality, it is not necessary that everyone serves in a church or in a monastery. Spirituality is needed in any profession, at any age. Spiritual heights can be accessed by every person: a man, a woman, a child, or an adult. You do not need to wait until you are old to start spiritual work. Who knows, when your last day and your last hour on this earth will be? At any time, it is necessary to think of God, to recall Him in your thoughts, words, prayers, through pure actions. Do not postpone these good things for tomorrow. From the actions that you are doing now, will you get the result not only in this life.

If you are working, if you are very busy, then, in the morning, in the evening, find 30-40 minutes for yourself. The fact that you work and earn money, is not actually something you do for yourself. All your true wealth is inside of you. Do not forget about this. Money is something that comes and goes. You go to a store, and money stay with a cashier, while you get milk, eggs or something else. Money can be stolen from you, you can lose your car or other atributes of external wealth. But the inner work that you are doing, these fruits will always be with you. In this life, and in the next one, too. If you are wealthy or rich, there is nothing wrong in it. Use this material welth, but do not forget about your inner wealth. Radhe-Radhe!

Interviewed by Ekaterina Drozdovich