Old clothes

Old clothes

Long time ago there lived a king. A rumour reached him that a very good, honest and wise man lives in the forest of his kingdom. The King had heard about him many times and one fine day he decided to meet him.

That man was a very humble person in a very poor material situation; even his clothing was very simple and very old. Walking around the forest and talking to him, the king realised that this man can be very useful to his state.

And the king said, "Come with me, I want to give you a job."
"But I'm a simple man, and you are the King. What can such a simple man do for you?
"No, you're a very good person, and I want to give you an important appointment", insisted the king.
"You probably need someone else, not me. I'm not worthy of such a position", answered the man.
"You're a talented, good and honest man. Come with me, do not refuse."

The man agreed and they left for the palace.

The king built a magnificent palace and said, "You will now do the job that I gave you. You will live in this palace. You will have all the amenities and everything you need."

The person moved into the palace and started working. But on the first day, when he came to the palace, he took off his clothes, put them in the chest and put on what the king gave him.

First thing in the morning he would always get up and open the chest, looking at the old clothes, remembering: "what was I, when I came to the palace?" Acquiring the position by the God's will and king’s kindness, he reminded himself what he was before.

He honourably served the king and the nation for a long time.