On Panini

There lived a boy called Panini. Everybody thought him to be very silly. He did not possess the slightest wish to study. Even if he came to school, he all the same slept in classes most of the time. By his character he was very patient, never disturbed anybody, but was too much lazy and did not like studies at all.

His parents and relatives had a lot of troubles, “If he does not study, how then he will manage to get some job, how then he will keep his family?” His friends, his brothers and sisters were good at studies, but he, anyhow, did not want to hear anything of school at all. So, at school they were sure that he was stupid and would never be a success in life, and at home they thought the same.

On Panini

Dad constantly scolded him and it was only Mother who kept on loving him. She endured and hoped that he would come to see reason. It was quite important for the boy. But the day came when even she could not restrain herself and offended him badly, “You seem never grow wiser.”

Panini took his clothes that very day he left his home. Heavy was his heart. ‘Today even Mom, who always loved me, also called me stupid. Nobody needs me now!’ he thought bitterly.

Panini went along the road; passing by some village he saw a big well faced with masonry. A few women were taking water in it. As soon as they filled their buckets and went away, Panini came nearer and noticed notches on some stones, the rest of them were smooth, nevertheless.

“Where from are these notches? Panini was deep in thought, people get water from this well every day, and each time the rope is rubbing the stone at this. It looks like the rope carved these notches. Why, is it possible for the soft rope to fray through such a hard stone?! It follows thus that even a rope which every day rubs a stone is able to fray it through!”

For a long time was Panini pondering over it. Being illiterate from the very childhood he, nevertheless, now got into very deep contemplation: “If a rope can cut up the stone to such an extent, so, it follows that I can also overcome myself and reclaim myself, of course if I am persistent, if I toil diligently.” Further on he thought “I need sadhana, I ought to get the Teacher. Every day, every minute I ought to do my best– always to work, and the things will change!”

The thought of the Teacher and sadhana did not give him a moment’s rest. So he set forth to find the One who would give him the Knowledge

If man’s wishes become strong and persistent and thoughts acquire right pursuit, if he yearns for knowledge, then the Teacher comes. So, within some time Panini found his Teacher who rendered him initiation and mantra. “If you practice well, you will gain anything you want”, the Teacher said. Panini trusted him and began quite a diligent practice.

With very deep sincere feelings and thoughts of his isht – God Shiva – he uninterruptedly prayed and chanted mantra given by the Teacher. Mantra wakes up some positive energies that sleep deep inside a man. Within some period of practice the servants of God Shiva came to Panini in order to give him blessing. They possessed immense spiritual power and could make true any wish.

“What are longing for, Panini?”

“I wish to obtain Knowledge”.

“We will give you Knowledge,” was the answer.

“No, Panini said, I want to see my isht, God Shiva. I very much love him and I want him to impart Knowledge to me.”

To obtain the blessing of God Shiva Himself is rather a complex problem. But Panini’s sadhana was diligent to the highest degree, so God Shiva displayed Himself and passed profound Knowledge to Panini. The boy saw his isht and obtained great wisdom along with knowledge of Sanskrit. Later on he wrote some books on Sanskrit grammar, and up till now they are considered the best ones.