The parable on rain and the deep belief in God

The parable on rain and the deep belief in God

In one village there hasn’t been rain for a very long time. The crops on the fields perished without water and very long the people of this village had not had any food for them and the pet food either. The sun was scorching from morning till night; the grass on the meadows and pastures was burnt down up to the soil.

Once, being not able to stand it any more people decided to go to church in order to appeal to God in their prayer and ask Him to send at least a little of rain.At an appointed day and hour all gathered in the church. At the moment when they were just ready to start their prayer the door opened and a little boy came in. He held an umbrella in his hands. Everybody turned to him in perplexity.

“Boy, what for have you come to the church with an umbrella?” asked one of them.
“I heard you were going to pray God to give us rain,” said the boy quietly.

“Yes, now we will perform the divine service and ask God to send us a bit of rain. But what for are you here and with an umbrella into the bargain? Aren’t you going to make fun of us? Don’t you know that not a drop of water has come down from the sky for many years in our village? Our soil is utterly exhausted; we have nothing to feed neither people nor cattle… Nevertheless, you are too little to understand these things.”

“Yes, I am little in age. But may I ask you: have you really gathered here in order to pray God?”

“Don’t you see it by yourself? All the village came here so that to perform a prayer about rain.”

“Oh, I am very glad! Exclaimed the boy. So, not for nothing I took my umbrella with me! I don’t feel like getting wet in rain when I am going home.”

“What rain are you talking about?” all the present smiled.

“But on earth, you told that you had gathered here to pray God to send us rain!”

“So, do you indeed believe that it will rain?”

“Yes, I know it exactly. Anyhow, God is very kind. He is the kindest of all! He will hear our request and will give us rain, much rain. And you, don’t you believe?”

The adults only shrugged their shoulders with the puzzled look.

“Well so, let him think as he wants, said one of them, he is still too little. Let us not pay attention to this strange child and spend our precious time on him. We are to pray.”

And they turned to altar and began their prayer to God about rain.

The boy stood far behind them all, nobody paid any attention to him. The adults read prayers from the book and performed some actions at this, many of which he did not understand. But he, with his eyes closed appealed to That whom he loved sincerely and in whom he believed. The words of a prayer from the book were unknown to him, and he diligently, just as he could asked God so that He granted His mercy and sent rain to them.

The prayer was over, and all people who gathered in church headed to exit. The boy was the closest to the door; he was not invited to altar after all. And when he opened the door, everybody felt the cool and freshness of the air… It was pouring rain outdoors. “But I told you, told you,” sobbing from the tears of joy the boy repeated over again.

“But you did not believe! Surely, He is the kindest good God. He is the most best.”

And the adults stood silently. They lacked words. That moment they saw the boy not little at all, he did not seem to be strange any more.

“What a deep belief lives in his heart!” they thought.

He alone helped all of them, the whole village, to escape the ruin. It was his sincere belief – the belief of one little, but pure soul.