On two sadhakas

On two sadhakas

A man can achieve God and unite with Him, but when it comes true, only God knows.

There lived two sadhaks. Powerful and ambitious was their sadhana, and they both desired to achieve God very sincerely. One of them had been practicing for twenty years, and the second – for two years.

God feels all human’s aspirations. This supreme power helps a man in all his cravings to Him.

Narayan felt that two souls on the Earth are fixed upon Him greatly. They steadily meditate longing to see Him. Wishing to help them God decided to test the strength of their sadhana and and to see if they are really ready to see Him.

So, once He came to them assuming the aspect of an ordinary brahman.

First He visited the one who had been practicing for two years. Narayan-brahman asked Him, “What are you doing your sadhana for?”

“I want to see God,” this sadhak answers.

“Do you really want to see God? I possess knowledge about future and want you to know: you ought to do your sadhana for forty to fifty years. And then you will see God.”

“Is it really so? Indeed?” exclaimed the sadhak.

“Yes, it is the truth.”

“If God comes only in so many years, then what for do I need this practice? I won’t do it any more.” thought the sadhak, took his belongings and went home.

Narayan- Brahman went to another sadhak and also asked him, “For the sake of what do you practice this sadhana?”

“I want to see Narayan very much,” his answer was rather firm.

“Do you really want much?” there was astonishment in brahman’s voice,

“Look at this tree under which you are sitting, can you count all the leaves on it?”

“They are very many…”

“Then, learn! You will be born on the earth as many times, as how many leaves on this tree! Only then you will see God.”

And on hearing these strict prophetic words just that very moment sadhak was inflamed with joy. He closed his eyes and literally plunged into that deep ineffable joy – for all that He will see God! Even if it happens in many-many lives, in any case he will see Narayan whom he loves so dearly and to whom he aspires so strongly. And now it will happen for sure!!! And sadhana of many-many lives long is not an obstacle, but the very way to Him. He shall unite with God and shall become single with God!

In his immense joy, living in that happy moment of future, of that fantastically remote union with God, he forgot about everything. His soul was singing and dancing as if that moment had already come. That was the soul’s song of God which was happy about the union with Him that had already occurred.

And when he opened his eyes, he saw just in front of him the Light of Narayan of unusual beauty and strength, which streamed from the one who had the aspect of a simple brahman just a moment before.

Without losing a second God comes to the bhakt’s heart that is seized by divine Love and Joy.

Do, always remember that only sadhana is in your hands, but at what time exactly God comes and when He is going to impart Knowledge – all this is in His hands.