Spiritual Teacher Shri Prakash Ji

Shri Prakash Ji (Kumar Prakash)


Shri Prakash Ji (Kumar Prakash) was born in one of the oldest cities of India, Patna, into a family of hereditary brahmanas-purohitas[i]. In his family, spiritual knowledge was transferred from generation to generation, Vedic traditions were honored, Hindu holidays were celebrated, and pilgrimages were made. Spiritual traditions of the family also include the following elevated human qualities: exceptional decency, cordiality, and respect for every person.

Since childhood Shri Prakash Ji has devoted much time to prayers and meditation, studied Vedic writings, and often had conversations on spiritual themes with his grandfather, a well-known and respected pandit.

By giving people spiritual knowledge, Shri Prakash Ji continues the path and traditions of his family.

Moving to Russia

Shri Prakash Ji was born in India, but his destiny is closely connected with Russia.

His father wanted him to get a medical education, believing that of all the sciences medicine meets the idea of ​​helping people better than any other, and is also closer to yoga as a science about healthy lifestyle. Deeply respecting Russia (at that time it was the USSR) and its people, he was sure, that his son would get the best education in that country.

So, in the early 1990s, Shri Prakash Ji came to study in Russia. Gradually, during studies, a circle of friends of various nationalities was formed; they have seen him as a spiritual person and consulted with him. Shri Prakash Ji studied medicine diligently, but the moment has come, when he has finally chosen spiritual activities as his path.

While studying at the institute, he has met his future wife. Now they have three grown-up children. During decades of his living in Russia, Shri Prakash Ji has not only got his own family, but also a big spiritual family.

Spiritual Activities

Shri Prakash Ji regularly holds satsangs[ii] and personal meetings for all people, regardless of nationality or religion. He gives knowledge of an ancient tradition called sanatana-dharma, or Hinduism. "Sanatana-dharma" is translated as "the eternal spiritual principle"; these are the spiritual principles common to the whole mankind. It is a synthesis of philosophical, ethical, and religious ideas that originated in ancient times on the territory of modern India. Sanatana-dharma teaches us how to live our lives worthily and how to end them worthily. Yoga, which is popular nowadays, is also a part of sanatana-dharma.

Satsangs by Shri Prakash Ji brings up subjects that are important both for one’s spiritual path and for everyday life. The first satsangs were held in Moscow. Later, Shri Prakash Ji began to hold satsangs and personal meetings in Yaroslavl, Volgograd, Saratov, and St. Petersburg. Over time, new students in other countries, India, Germany, Lithuania, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Great Britain, joined him. From time to time, Shri Prakash Ji holds satsangs as live webcasts.

In the Master’s ashram, spiritual holidays of Hinduism are celebrated: Holi, Deepavali, Navaratri, Guru Purnima, Mahashivaratri, Krishnashtmi. For many years, on the day of Yogini Ekadashi, Shri Prakash Ji holds a yajna (a prayer by fire); everyone can participate in it. Many people from various cities of Russia and other countries come to this great holiday.

Social Activities

Shri Prakash Ji is the president of an autonomous non-profit organization “Center for Promoting the Preservation and Development of Indian Culture “Shri Prakash Dham””. The Center implements publishing activities, organizes personal meetings with the Master and his satsangs in Moscow. The center also organizes hatha yoga classes and secular holidays (on the Republic Day of India, Holi, on March 8, New Year, etc.).

Activities of the Center founded by Shri Prakash Ji are aimed at promoting the study and spread of India’s history, culture, and spiritual traditions; of yoga as a part of Vedic philosophy and healthy lifestyle; at consolidation of peace, harmony, and friendship among peoples of various countries.

[i] Purohita is a priest, a brahmana who performs various prayers and ritual services, including those at a request of people turning to him; purohitas are often family confessors (gurus).

[ii] the word "satsang" is literally translated from Sanskrit as "a conversation about the truth."