June 29 Shri Prakash Ji conducts Maha Yagya in Moscow suburbs

  • Maha Yagya
  • Maha Yagya
  • Maha Yagya
  • Maha Yagya
  • Maha Yagya
  • Maha Yagya
  • Maha Yagya

Maha Yagya  in Moscow suburbs

What does Maha Yagya give?.

Yagya (यज्ञ, IAST: yajña) is an ancient Indian group prayer by fire. It’s one of the oldest Vedic practices on the Earth. The ceremony of yagya is traditionally held by Brahmans, possessing needed knowledge, and is aimed at well-being of its participants. “Maha” means “big”, “great”. Maha Yagya is a group prayer conducted by many people for common goals.

Yagya gives everyone what they need. Health to the sick, harmony to family people, success to those struggling for it, awareness for those who don’t have a goal yet.

Shri Prakash Ji, a hereditary brahman and Spiritual Master, has been annually conducting Maha Yagya in Russia for 17 years, in accordance with all the rules of tradition. This prayer is beneficial to everyone participating in it and contributes to revival of spirituality and universal harmony. Every year, people from various regions of Russia and from other countries come to take part in Maha Yagya held in Shri Prakash Ji’s ashram.

Purposes of Maha Yagya:

- religious harmony throughout the world, termination of religious conflicts,

- strengthening fraternal relations between Russia and India,

- spiritual and financial prosperity of Russia,

- well-being for all participants of the prayer and their loved ones, granting health, family harmony, realization of undertakings, inner peace, energy for spiritual growth, etc.

Representatives of any confessions may attend or take part in Maha Yagya.

If you want to do something good for yourself, for your family, for the world, this prayer will surely have effect.

How to get maximum benefit from participation

• Prepare mentally for Maha Yagya. Think about what you will attend it with, what you would like to change in yourself and in your life. Tune in to it. Maha Yagya is a very important event for you and your loved ones, your participation in it will benefit both you and them.

• Arrive in advance, before the event begins, in order to settle down and participate in the prayer without haste.

• During the puja, remain calm, focused and, if possible, silent. Those who do not participate directly by the fire can pray, meditate, chant mantras or silently watch the process. On this day, it is best not to waste your energy on anxiety, haste and unnecessary talking.

• Traditionally, prasad (consecrated food) is shared only after a pujari (a person conducting yagya) has left the venue. If the portion is too large for you, and you can’t eat the treat all at once, take it home to finish it later. Do not throw prasad away. This food is consecrated, it carries blessings for you.

• Donations made by participants are also considered to be a part of the ceremony. The size of the donation is determined by each participant independently.

We are waiting for you at Maha Yagya!

May peace and harmony fill every heart and every home!

On history of yagya

The ceremony of yagya is described in the earliest Hindu texts. Yagyas were conducted by heroes of the famous epics Ramayana and Mahabharata. Various events related to the ceremony yagya are described in the Puranas and other sacred books.

The tradition of yagya ceremony occupies an important place in spiritual culture of modern India as well. No significant event in one's live goes without the ceremony of yagya or havana. Yagyas are conducted to solve problems, harmonize relationships, achieve success in an important business, as well as on the occasion of a wedding, birth of a child, etc.

Ancient sources say that the whole Universe and human beings consist of five primary elements: water, air, earth, fire and ether. During Maha Yagya all these elements are honored to bring harmony to the world and people.

Venue of Maha Yagya: Moscow region, Odintsovo district, Chastsy, Mozhayskoye highway, 40 "G". The place is located 35 km from Moscow Ring Road, near Golitsyno station, Belarusian direction.

Transfer from Kievskaya metro station

Meeting and boarding at 8:00 at McDonald’s on Bolshaya Dorogomilovskaya St., 8A (Kievskaya metro station), near Kievsky Railway Station. The meeting person will have a sign "Chastsy". Approximate fare is 450-500 rubles one way. Return transfer is possible. If you need transfer, please indicate this in the registration application for Maha Yagya, a seat will be reserved for you.


Take a train from Belorussky railway station to Golitsyno station (~ 50 min). Exit from the platform to the railway station. Go to the right past the “Perekryostok” store to bus stops. Take a shuttle bus or a bus 67 or 45 to the stop “Povorot to Pokrovskoye” (~ 20 min). Bus 67 turns to Pokrovskoye, while bus 45 stops without turning. After turning to Pokrovskoye go straight another 200m and turn to the right again. There will be a forest to the left, and cottages to the right. The nearest lot is 40 "G".


Coordinates for navigation: C 55.62223 B 036.87178

Take Mozhayskoe Highway to Golitsyno, then another 10-12km to Chatsy, then to the turning to Pokrovskoye (to the right). Having turned to Pokrovskoye, drive another 200m and once again turn to the right onto the dirt road to lots. There will be a forest to the left, and cottages to the right. The nearest lot is 40 "G".

Date and time: Saturday, June 29, 2019. Starting at 10.00.

Participation conditions: donation, mandatory pre-registration. For more information please call: +7 (916) 862 45 81.

Accreditation is required for media representatives.

Maha Yagya in 2018

Broadcast for Indian television by a popular Indian TV channel "Sudarshan News TV"

Consul Sidhartha Shashni of Indian Embassy visited Maha Yagya.

Reports on Maga Yagya were broadcasted in Russian media.